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Gumball picks it up but it was still hot from being fried by the frying pan.

Because of this, he throws the "hamster" to the Evil turtle.

They finally realize the truth (that they had been hanging out with a piece of hair, and had kissed it lots of times) making them disgusted and worried.

Before Gumball and Darwin can protest again, he tells them to wait for the clock to reach four o'clock.

After that, he does not care anymore since he is not anymore the principal, and the boys have to do what was assigned to them.

Miss Simian enters Brown's office with weird make-up on her face.

She asks Principal Brown to have romance time with her, and they start making weird sounds that disturb Gumball and Darwin (who walk out from the scene after "hearing enough"). Later, it shows that it is an actually a clump of Principal Brown's hair in the cage (Principal brown mistaking a clump of his hair for Chris Morris when he placed him back) and that Chris Morris is on the floor, planning to escape.

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