Whos dating kirsten dunst

Few believed the relationship would last, but they married in Las Vegas when Bo was 20 and stayed together until Derek's death from heart failure in 1998.Many considered him to be a controlling, Svengali influence in Bo's life.Bo says now that she was 'too young to have that experience' of falling in love at first sight with her husband.Instead, she says, she was 'interested and fascinated' by him. Jennie blew the judges away so quickly that it only took six seconds for ALL of them to turn their chairs around!We're pretty sure if Michael Jackson were still with us, he'd turn his chair around too!'I was living with my husband, wasn't working and had no aspirations to work. That role was such a gift in my life.'Being in a successful movie opens so many doors and makes your life so magical. When I was about 30 or 32, I really thought about it.

I thought, "I'll deal with the future when it comes. " I was young, I was in love, and it was so exciting and wonderful. I think I managed to say hello and that was about it. My mother was very concerned and wanted me to go back to the US. I decided I wanted to stay with him, so I did.' Today, all of Derek's wives are said to be close.The movie, she says, was a defining moment in her life; more so than any other roles, more so, too, than her extraordinary 22-year marriage to the late film director John Derek.Bo was just 16 when they began their affair in Greece, on the set of his film And Once Upon a Love.Surely Linda was a touch humiliated when he high-tailed it with a girl young enough to be his daughter?'From everything I understand, there wasn't any lying involved.' A year after marrying Derek, Bo was offered the role that was to make her an international star. No one expected all this to happen - Dudley [Moore, the British comedian and her co-star] was not a box-office star.

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