Speed dating roommates

Brendon first laid eyes on Caite while she was in the throes of crushing the competition in a high-intensity beer pong game.* However, although Caite first noticed Brendon when he offered to pour her a beer from the keg, she didn't pay him much heed until he agreed to play her in pool (she did actually beat him at this).They immediately hit it off and the star-crossed lovers talked for nearly 3 hours, until Caite had to run off to her friend's going away party.She, shocked, finally caught her breath and excitedly agreed to spend the rest of her life with him.

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Much to Brendon's surprise, Caite had an omniscient, borderline witch-like intuition when she essentially used a video game cheat-code to his heart by asking how he knew Leah Pasquesi, Brendon's future sister-in-law and Keith's (at the time) beloved girlfriend. Brendon and Caite saw each other again two nights later, and the next night, and so on.

Brendon's friends loved spending time with Caite (almost more than Brendon...) and Caite's friends likewise took to Brendon immediately.

Caite and Brendon began spending more and more time together - Caite learned about busy season (1 and 2) and Brendon learned to deal with Caite's work trips - and started to realize that, not only were they nearly the same person, but they were the perfect compliment to each other.

The date went swimmingly and Brendon, exemplifying the gentleman that he is, walked Caite home after they closed down the bar they went to for after-dinner drinks (don't get any ideas, he gave her a goodnight kiss and hailed a cab home).

Brendon later told Leah about the gorgeous/amazing/perfect/talented (ok, ok, Caite did write this part...) woman he had met the other day and Leah responded, "once a sister, always a sister" (she clearly saw that the stars had already aligned).****You already knew this was going to be corny - at least for those of you who know these two - so don't act surprised.

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    That comes around to just over 4 bucks a month and, really dude, you pay more for a pizza in one night, so why not get in on this hot shit?