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Adjacent to Restoration Hall is the Coronet Building, which is the site of the reconstruction of the 1885 schooner of the same name, and serves as a professional arena for major projects.The project is managed by Coronet Restoration Partners.An elevated catwalk allows faculty, family, and visitors to observe work in progress.The Brooks Building, named in honor of IYRS trustee Matt Brooks’ father, Jack Brooks, is the home for modern making at IYRS.

Students utilize the library for research, projects, documentation, leisure reading, and use of the hi-speed Mac computers.Cuvelier, an elegant and garrulous woman in her 70s, isn’t one of them.But she remembers as a teen in the 1940s hearing her father, Rear Admiral Donald James Ramsey, a World War II hero, muttering about strange flying craft that hovered and streaked off at unimaginable speed, and she’s been an avid ufologist ever since.Kathleen Marden, the director of abduction research for the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, one of the oldest and largest U. O.-investigating groups, was 13 in 1961, when her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill returned from a trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire with the stupefying tale of having been chased by a giant flying disc that hovered over the treetops.They said they had stopped for a look with binoculars, spotted humanoid figures in the craft and, overcome with terror, sped away with their car suddenly enveloped in buzzing vibrations.

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