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Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,716 | Tags: seduction crossdressing first time | 7 Comments I allow myself to become the ultimate gay slut. I was thirty-six when Diane arranged for my first experience with Jim, Allan and herself, recounted in a previous story.

Prior to that occasion, I do not believe that the thought that I might enjoy sex with other men, had ever entered my mind.

Upon arriving at the motel, Sam hopped out of the truck to get us a room for the day.

When he came back to the truck I had my heels and stockings in hand and was ready to make a naked bee-line for the room.

The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!

I wasn’t a regular patron but once every couple of months I would pop in and have a drink.After leaving the tea to brew, I went back through to the studio to find Adam and Stephen having what looked like very intense sex together kneeling on the couch. Stephen had one arm around Adam's prominent chest, fondling a nipple, while the other was wrapped around the bigger man's cock, gently sliding his foreskin back and forth across the...Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 6,157 | Tags: gay anal creampie cum big cock | 1 Comment In the lobby, in the locker room, in the showers--how many times can a dream come true?Eric followed after, his hands held carefully away from his sides as he walked.He'd scraped the remnants of J's load from his face as best he could, and it still clung to him, thick on his palms, his knuckles, his fingertips.

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    Just as soon as you think you have a group of people pegged, that’s when someone will flip it on you.

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    We also added Tinder and plan to review more dating apps in the future.

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