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In 1978 Roy Trubshaw, a student at Essex University in the UK, started working on a multi-user adventure game in the MACRO-10 assembly language for a DEC PDP-10.

Most MUDs are run as hobbies and are free to players; some may accept donations or allow players to purchase virtual items, while others charge a monthly subscription fee.MUD, better known as Essex MUD and MUD1 in later years, ran on the Essex University network, and became more widely accessible when a guest account was set up that allowed users on JANET (a British academic X.25 computer network) to connect on weekends and between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM on weekdays.reportedly under pressure from Compu Serve, to whom Richard Bartle had licensed the game.Federation later left AOL to run on its own after AOL began offering unlimited service.In 1978, around the same time Roy Trubshaw wrote MUD, Alan E.

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