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But since so many Christians follow these messages, "Live them" (according to the beautiful formula of Father Blais), in a fruitful manner, and that so many leaflets, bulletins, books and telephone calls transmit them from day to day, it became necessary to collect these messages attributed to Our Lady.

She does not impose them, but she proposes them, to the entire freedom of each person.

It is that which she has always done, with those whom she invites. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the publisher. Our thanks also to Kim Schrieber, who assisted, and to Beverly, Norma, Bonnie and Juliann for their assistance with the transcript. During the summer of 1981, the signs continue to multiply: cures, luminary phenomena of the sun and on the hills.

On June 24, in the afternoon, Ivanka Ivankovic (age 15), a girl from the hamlet of Bijakovici at Medjugorje, returning from a walk, sees a brilliant silhouette on the hill of Crnica. The movement of prayer and conversions become greater; pilgrimages continue to increase. Zanic, at first favorable (July 1981), gradually took a position against the apparitions.

Those who have found a home there-who live them-will benefit from them.

The continuation, and the conclusion of this message, which is still unfinished, will come in its own time.

These repetitive teachings, according to psychologists, form the character of a child by age four, through this maternal dialogue. What was said to whom, and on what date, is ultimately not at issue.

He gathered nearly 350 messages, of which some are repeated several times because they relate to different themes, which justifies the number as announced in the title.

The objections are the object of supplementary studies: messages concerning the conflict of the bishop with the Franciscans, or ecumenism.

The fundamental message is a realistic reminder of the essential words of the Gospel.

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