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To avoid that awkward moment, Tutera helped us identify some of the most embarrassing moments that can happen on a first dinner date and how to deal with them.

To make sure you come off as a Casanova on your first date, follow our advice and avoid these awkward situations!

This season starts when I take on a role that I’m not used to at all when it comes to party planning… Every year I throw themed birthday parties for my kids, but this time I’m giving up control and David is taking the reigns on planning Finn’s 3 birthday party!

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With all the backlash over black women’s use of the word thick to describe a wide variety of sizes, it’s not surprising that “plus-size” is seen as equally ambiguous.

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for all of you today.

I’ve posted about this on Instagram a few times, but I’m thrilled to officially announce that I’m returning to TV… I’ll be joining David Tutera on this season of CELEBrations premiering this Friday, and I can’t wait for all of you to watch what we’ve been working on.

Click here for the 10 Awkward Food Moments on a First Dinner Date (Slideshow) “One of the most embarrassing things I've ever witnessed was when a date became nauseated by their meal and had to run to the bathroom,” says David Tutera, party planner and etiquette master extraordinaire. To keep this from happening, avoid ordering outlandish things that you've never tried before, and stick to something you know will agree with you.

There are plenty of instances to avoid, whether you are the one making the mistakes or your date is.

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