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It wasn’t until their junior year at New Albany High School that the couple became serious, planning a future together — they attended the same community college and later went Delta State University, where Anna Claire studied speech pathology.“We were both kind of shy early on together,” recalls Anna Claire.“There wasn’t a moment for me, some shocking moment like ‘I’m never going to walk again’ or anything.“I was aware I couldn’t move, but it wasn’t until I saw other suffering patients at therapy that it hit me — I was very scared.” Anna Claire started seeing therapists at Shepherd Center in Atlanta one month after the incident. “I remember nurses and my family talking at the hospital about how with my kinds of injuries, you never know how long it will take to come back.“So they took me to look at gowns.” The second white dress she tried on — lacy, off the shoulder and absolutely stunning — was the one.“They helped me put it and I looked the mirror and said, ‘This is it,’ ” recalls Anna Claire.“He hit my side of the car and Jimbo flew through the sunroof.I stayed in the car, which flipped four times.” The accident left her a quadriplegic.

Torres said he tried to ignore Mike's comments while he was on the phone with his mother before he started recording, but one set him off.'Trump is going to fix this.

“But after a year of dating I began to think ‘This guy could really be the one!

’ ” Jimbo proposed to Anna Claire at Cheaha State Park in Alabama, hiding a ring in the bottom of a picnic basket.

Kiss my a**, motherf***er,' he said.'The fucking sp*c can kiss my a**.''Mike' then rolled away for a few seconds, before he came back after Torres asked him what he had done wrong.'Talking that stupid f***ing Spanish round (sic) here, when everyone else is a f***ing English speaking American.'Torres then continues to try to talk to 'Mike' for a few more minutes, but the former soldier remains aggressive and keeps shouting at him.

The 44-year-old father from Orlando continued to record for the next few minutes as 'Mike' moved away, but he then returned after seeing he was still being filmed.'You going to be a You Tube professional now with your tape?

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