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But going by the uniforms the Bomber's cheerleaders wear, aren't they promoting them as something to look at?Otherwise, why not have them wear blue and gold coloured baggy sweatpants & tops.hehehe..chick has a great azz and if she wants to show the world it has no reflection on the control of the dumb team office..can pull all the bullchit creative excuses in the world with contracts..them lay there money on the line to use the female gender and then pretend to own it..if some fan is offended you are the one who close your eye's at the game...LOL shocked it took so long frankly ya wana include smokin hawt chicks expect the other part to land in YOUR pasture...hahaha DO YOU WANT TO BET::::: a man thought of adding cheerleader to the sight...think he sorted out the problem yet..tears in eye' interesting to see this one play out indeed.The pictures that featured the cheerleader outfits ( the ones I saw at least) were not racy or revealing; the "naughty" pictures didn't show any cheerleader paraphenalia. These are ex-Bombers cheerleaders, not the current ones.

Ya wana purtend white is purity do not put it into your game plan to begin with.funny.

Tuesday's Free Press ( July 15/08) had a story about some ex Bomvers cheerleaders posing for assorted racy pictures causing concerns among management staff : Winnipeg Blue Bombers management issued a stern warning Tuesday to everyone in the organization, from players to cheerleaders to water boys: When you wear the Blue and Gold, do nothing that might embarrass the organization.

The dressing down from the front office was in reference to the emergence of several racy photos featuring some former members of the team's cheerleading corps -- the Blue Lightning -- on an Internet sports site and several other web pages Monday.

The photographs, some of which had been taken down by Tuesday morning, varied in their level of indecency.

In one picture, a former cheerleader is mooning the camera with the Peace Tower of the Ottawa Parliament in the background. Arash Madani, a spokesman for the football club, wanted to ensure the Bomber faithful the team, "dealt with the matter swiftly.

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