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This can be a little confusing as the main screen is actually the live view from the camera of your phone or tablet, but it doesn’t take long to get used to this – and it’s a great time saver when it comes to sending out pictures and videos of your own.The squiggle icon in the top left-hand corner lets you toggle your flash on and off while the icon in the top right lets you toggle between the rear and front facing cameras.Download the free Snapchat app [i OS / Android] and sign up by entering a unique username and password.Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enter the main screen of the app.Press the icon and you’ll be taken to a page listing all your new snaps, as well as the snaps you have sent and Snapbacks – replies to your snaps.Tap on any snap to view it, but remember that it will only be available for a limited amount of time, so be ready to take a screenshot if you don’t want to lose it.Once you’ve finished, you’ll be taken to the preview screen which displays a still or moving image of your snap depending on whether you shot video or a picture.

The icons at the bottom left and right are used to access your contacts and Snapchat stories.

Touch „Add Friends“ to scan your contacts (if you didn’t do so during sign-up) or type in someone’s username.

However, by far the fastest way of adding new friends is to use Snapcodes.

It’s the fastest growing social network in the world with an estimated 200 million active monthly users and 100 million using it on a daily basis.

You’ve almost certainly heard of Snapchat and probably know dozens of people who have signed up, but what exactly is it, how do you use it and why is it so incredibly popular?

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