Chalker updating the model of female sexuality cla dating 76726

At the same time, the same behaviors committed by males may be perceived as coercive or aggressive and motivated by power and control.It is plausible that the lack of concern about the sexually assertive behaviors of women is the result of society viewing women as less threatening than men (Struckman- Johnson and Anderson 1998), which in turn continues to symbolically subordinate women.

While some may believe that women cannot be perpetrators and men cannot be victims, there may be other explanations for the reluctance of individuals and groups to acknowledge women as perpetrators.The politics surrounding the decision to study sexual aggression and perpetration by gender are indeed interesting.First, it is important to emphasize that ignoring the experiences of men as victims of sexual perpetration committed by women delegitimizes their experiences.While the phenomenon of sexual coercion in intimate relationships has been acknowledged for several decades, for the most part the research that has addressed it has focused almost exclusively upon males as perpetrators and females as victims.Sexual perpetration committed by women, especially against men, is often not taken seriously in contemporary American culture.

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