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Others let you know how much they do care about you.

GEMINI: Oops you toppled into another Mercury Retrograde this month.

Do not worry as it will be over quickly -look to December 22, changing gears but also kissing mercury retrograde problems away.

This Mercury retrograde could impact your primary relationships, punctuating them with snippy comments, distancing or misunderstandings in general.

And, together, this private world is something you alone have shared.

Making people, places and things feel reeeeaalllly good comes naturally to you. The sexual fantasy world you can create is unparalleled in real life.

Seriously- keep this secret on the down low, don't spoil the surprise for the next one... Librans got swagger here, because you hold the 'greatest lover of the zodiac' title - and who wouldn't be happy with that! You're pitch perfect, flawless and, seemingly, effortless (if only he knew...).

But you've have earned it because, pound-for-pound, you're typically: a) fit, b) pleasing and charming, c) funny and smart, d) in love with love and all manner of romantic conquests. Aquarians are definitely out there, somewhere in space, sometimes unreachable...

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Intensity is your key asset (as well as, randomly, a real ability to perform amazing oral sex... He knows no one will ever love him like you do, and there's nothing as sexy as being absolutely desired.There's simply nothing like a Cancerian woman in love. You're a white-knuckle ride and I guarantee, when he remembers you, he has a big fat smile (and maybe something else...).Leos go all out to win, and that attitude doesn't end at the bedroom door. Your box of tricks is so impressive that he may as well just lay back and let you showboat what you can do. There's nothing as memorable as a real surprise; especially a good one. Capricorns are serious about what they want and they care enormously about how they're perceived.The good news is you will be able to clear these up by the end of the month.Saturn which has been affecting relationships in general, forcing you to renegotiate your bond, will leave the area that it has been in for 2 years or more on December 20.

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